Jay’s Best of the Best Low-Cost Flights (and what to do when you get there!)

June 2, 2022
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cheers..to great flight deals
I’ve been tracking flight prices from CVG for about a decade, and in that time, I’ve discovered some consistently great places to visit that won’t break the bank.
As I put together this list, here’s what I took into consideration.
  1. How much does it cost to get there?
  2. Is there cool stuff to do when I get there?
  3. Can I get there with one stop, or ideally, non-stop?
So welcome to Jay’s 2022 Best of the Best Low-Cost Flight Options from CVG!
Rocky Mountain State Park offers incredible views
#4 Denver, CO
Average Round Trip Sale Price (2020 – 2022 on the Jay’s Deals page)
$114, non-stop including one carry-on bag
Who flies there:
Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United
City Park, Denver, CO
Why I love it:
There’s a reason Denver has shown up more than any other city on the Jay’s Deals page…an astonishing 29 times! Prices stay low thanks to competition from six different airlines. It’s a fun trip any time of the year whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, or just sipping beverages on a mountain. Ski season tends to see slightly higher prices, but good deals are still available. One of the best times to visit if you aren’t into skiing is in May. The temperature is comfortable, there are fewer crowds, and you can score insanely cheap hotel rooms.
What a ride!
One Cool Thing to Do:
Horseback Riding in the Mountains
I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite Colorado experiences isn’t skiing or brewery related…it’s riding a horse up the side of a mountain! You won’t gallop; instead, you’ll be treated to abundant wildlife, an abandoned mill, and old cemeteries. I’ve had the chance to ride horses on beaches, farms, and fields, and this experience is unlike any other.
Terrace lunch with outstanding scenery
#3 Peru
Average Round Trip Sale Price (2020 – 2022 on the Jay’s Deals page)
$426, one-stop including one carry-on bag
Who flies there:
American, Delta, United
Making new friends in Cusco, Peru
Why I love it:
Exotic food, breathtaking views, and friendly people—what more could you ask for? Anyone who has visited Peru can tell you it’s worth the trip. CVG offers some convenient flight options that help break up the journey into two shorter flights: about 2.5 hours to Miami and then another 5.5 hours to Peru. Spend a few days in Lima and experience the charming neighborhoods and sweeping cliffside views of the ocean. From there, hop on a flight to Cusco and visit the Sacred Valley. You can visit popular bucket-list destination Machu Picchu by hiking a few days or doing what we did and enjoy a scenic train ride.
The view from the top of Huayna Picchu
One Cool Thing to Do:
Hike up Huayna Picchu (next to Machu Picchu)
It’s hard to get a five-star TripAdvisor review on anything, let alone when over 4,200 people have reviewed it. (So you know this is worth it!) Huayna Picchu is the larger mountain that sits in the background of the famous photos you see of Machu Picchu. It’s a moderately difficult climb, so you’ll want a good pair of shoes, but the history and views are something I’ll cherish forever. You’ll need to book your ticket early, as daily entry is capped at 400 visitors.
Times Square, NYC
#2 New York City, NY
Average Round Trip Sale Price (2020 – 2022 on the Jay’s Deals page)
$132, non-stop including one carry-on bag
Who flies there:
Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United
A stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge is great early in the morning to avoid the crowds.
Why I love it:
There’s nothing like The Big Apple, and you can take a bite out of it with your choice of airlines and departure times from CVG. Some days this summer, CVG offers 20 non-stop flights! You can also plan a spring or fall trip and avoid the summer and holiday crowds. There is so much to see, do, and eat. With hotel options ranging from budget accommodations outside of Manhattan, four- and five-star Times Square splurges, and unique Airbnb stays, you can find the right place to spend the evening.
One Cool Thing to Do:
Rice to Riches
When I lived in Manhattan, there was a place I used to take everyone to because a shop like this is so unique, it could only happen in NYC. For the last two decades, Rice to Riches has served up an amazing dessert experience. Think ice cream parlor, but instead of ice cream, they serve up dozens of different kinds of rice pudding! Each serving comes in a futuristic bowl, and the flavors are incredible. (My favorite is the Rocky Road!)
Epcot can be seen from afar across the lake in Orlando.
#1 Orlando
Average Round Trip Sale Price (2020 – 2022 on the Jay’s Deals page)
$116, non-stop including one carry-on bag
Who flies there:
Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United
Universal Studios has expanded to become the Universal Orlando Resort.
Why I love it:
Making over 16 appearances in the past two years on the Jay’s Deals page, Orlando continues to offer consistently low, non-stop airfare from CVG. With six airlines, many offering non-stop flight options, competition for your business is fierce. Orlando is one of America’s most family-friendly destinations, and this flight is also great for first-time flyers at just around two hours. Hotel options are plentiful as well; check out how to save big when booking an Orlando stay.
It’s so much fun to walk around Disney Springs!
One Cool Thing to Do:
Disney Springs
This is a must-visit; it’s a terrific way to experience the Disney vibe with $0 admission fee. Eat at one of 65 restaurants, enjoy free live music, and check out over 100 different shops. Parking is easy in the large garage, and there’s plenty of sights to see. Have a beverage at The Boathouse, and enjoy gorgeous views while you watch amphibious cars take a plunge in the lake. Be sure to make reservations for some of the more popular eateries.
Do you have a favorite, low-cost destination you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it. Find me at @JayKruzOfficial on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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