Jay’s Recent Flight Deals from CVG

Just a few examples of new destinations you could be checking out… for less!

I’m always on the lookout for my next flight deal. I use a variety of websites to locate cheap fares including Google Flights, Momondo, Expedia, Priceline and sales announced on airline websites. Make sure to subscribe to their email newsletters. Sales come and go quickly, so they aren’t likely available to book anymore, but I want you to have an idea of where you can go from CVG… for a lot less than you’d think!

Jay's Recent Deals

To make it easy, you can click on each airline below to check out flight options for the destinations you’re thinking about or visit the Travel Navigator to see non-stop flight options from CVG. Or dream big and see your options from one of the CVG Airlines / Tour Operators noted below.

Date FoundWhereRound Trip PriceAirline / SiteDetails
2/24/20CVG to Denver, CO$131DeltaNon-stop! Includes a carry-on. Many flights under $200 from March - May 2020
2/24/20CVG to Miami, FL$91AmericanGet to Florida for under $100! Includes a carry-on. Select dates March 2020.
2/24/20CVG to St Thomas, USVI$351UnitedGet out of the cold and escape to the Caribbean - no passport required! Includes carry-on. Select dates February - March 2020.
2/24/20CVG to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa$585United, PricelineOne of the lowest prices I've seen! Select dates in March - May 2020. Includes luggage!
2/24/20CVG to Accra, Ghana, Africa$798UnitedPlan a bucket-list trip to Africa! Dates in March 2020. Includes checked luggage.
2/18/20CVG to Sarasota / Bradenton$100AllegiantLimited time offering
2/18/20CVG to New Orleans$86AllegiantLimited time offering
2/10/20CVG to Nairobi, Kenya$610PricelineAbout $500 less than normal with dates in Spring/Summer 2020. Use Google Flights to find available dates and then book on Priceline.
2/10/20CVG to Tahiti, French Polynesia$889DeltaThis bucket list flight is normally $1,500 - $2,000. Dates in February - June 2020 and only 1 stop!
2/5/20CVG to Chicago, IL$155SouthwestIncludes 2 checked bags + carry-on! Lots of dates in 2020.
2/5/20CVG to Savannah, GA$116AllegiantSelect Dates in May 2020. Other dates available from $160. Includes a carry-on.
2/5/20CVG to Kansas City, MO$119AmericanMany dates February - December 2020. Includes a carry-on.
1/30/20CVG to Austin, TX$135AmericanSelect dates in February - April 2020. Includes a carry-on
1/30/20CVG to St Thomas, USVI$351UnitedFebruary 2020. March - May dates from $450. Includes a carry-on or checked luggage.
1/30/20CVG to Hawaii (Various Cities)$497Delta, UnitedFebruary - May 2020. Book as two separate one-way tickets - Take Delta on the way out and United back.
1/30/20CVG to Frankfurt, Germany$595DeltaFebruary - March 2020. Only one stop! Includes checked bag and carry-on.
1/23/20CVG to Beijing, China$363Air CanadaFebruary 2020 dates. Includes baggage. May 2020 dates available from $503
1/23/20CVG to Fairbanks, AK$308DeltaCheck dates in early May 2020. Includes a carry-on. Other dates from $500 in May-August.
1/23/20CVG to Seattle, WA$179DeltaNon-stop service! Select dates in February 2020. Includes a carry-on.
1/23/20CVG to Philadelphia, PA$139AmericanLots of dates between February - October 2020. Includes a carry-on
1/23/20CVG to Ft Myers, FL$139DeltaNon-stop to the beach including a carry on. May 2020 including Memorial Day Weekend
1/23/20CVG to Memphis, TN$142AllegiantAllegiant's non-stop flight gets you there in a little over one hour!
1/23/20CVG to Orlando, FL$119Delta, AllegiantIncludes a carry-on. A variety of dates from February - June 2020 including some Spring Break options
1/6/20CVG to Las Vegas, NV$159DeltaNon-stop + includes Carry-On. January - February 2020
1/6/20CVG to Miami, FL$149FrontierIncludes one checked bag. January - February 2020
1/6/20CVG to Denver, CO$109DeltaCarry-On Included. January - February 2020
1/6/20CVG to Rome, Italy$578DeltaCarry-On Included. February - March 2020.
1/6/20CVG to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos$433AmericanFebruary and March 2020
1/6/20CVG to Shanghai, China $393Air CanadaIncludes Carry-On + 2 Checked Bags! Feb - March 2020
12/23/19CVG to San Francisco$159DeltaCarry-On Included. Many dates January - April 2020
12/23/19CVG to San Juan, Puerto Rico$210FrontierMany dates available January - March 2020
12/23/19CVG to Fort Myers, FL$129FrontierIncludes one checked bag / January and February 2020
12/23/19CVG to San Jose, Costa Rica$449AmericanJust one-stop with flights from February - March 2020
12/23/19CVG to Las Vegas, NV$169FrontierIncludes one checked bag / January 2020
12/23/19CVG to Grand Cayman, BWI$482AmericanMany dates in April and May 2020 available
12/23/19CVG to Rome, Italy$547UnitedLots of options from January - March 2020
12/23/19CVG to Shanghai, China$583United, Delta, AmericanA low fare war is underway for February - April 2020. Pick your airline and save!

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