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September 8, 2020
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Earlier this month, we featured a live Q&A on the CVG Facebook and YouTube page with CVG Airport’s VP of Customer Experience, Adam Kressler.

We’ve narrowed it down to the nine top questions we received!

#1 Is the middle seat going to be open on my flight?

Great question.  It varies by airline – some are leaving it open, others are not.  It’s also a policy that’s being updated and altered often.  It’s best to check with your airline before you travel.  A complete list of links and phone numbers is available in the Fly Healthy section of the CVG site here.

#2 Are plane tickets more or less expensive right now?

Good news! As a whole, flight prices are lower than usual for domestic travel. There are many destinations across the country for under $200 round trip with many non-stop routes available and some flights as low as $74 round trip!  Visit my flight deals page to keep tabs on new deals so you can find a new place to explore or revisit a familiar favorite.

#3 Is there still seating at the gates while you wait for your flight?

Yes, there is still seating at the gates.  We haven’t blocked off seats to enable families to sit together, but we do have reminders everywhere to encourage social distancing and respect each others’ space.  And, there are plenty of outlets and areas for charging devices of all types throughout our gate areas.  

#4 Can I bring hand sanitizer as a carry-on item?

Yes, you can actually bring up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer on your flight. That’s above the 3.4 ounce limit for everything else.  Keep in mind that it is subject to additional screening.  This was added as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

#5 Can I bring sparklers on a plane for a wedding reception?

No.  Let me say that 100 times.  No. No. No.  Buy them when you get to your destination.  The TSA actually has an entire page dedicated to what you can and can’t bring.  I’ve found this particularly useful when I needed to travel with a hockey stick to Toronto and bring fishing lures to Orlando.

#6 What’s the ONE item you recommend that everyone have on every flight?

As Adam mentioned in our video, “pack your patience!”  It’s really true. Make sure you’re well fed and hydrated to prevent getting hangry and just allow extra time for everything.  The airline and airport staff want you to have a great experience and your patience, kindness, and understanding go a long way.

The other item: They don’t have to be fancy (although the closed-ear and noise cancelling models are nice to have on a plane) but they are the best investment. Keep in mind that while wireless headsets are great, most airline seatback entertainment systems still utilize the standard ⅛” headphone jack. I personally use the Shure 215 in-ear monitors. They block out most noise and my favorite part is the little carrying case that has a carabiner so I can clip them to my belt loop for safe keeping.

#7 Can I travel outside of the USA?

Yes and no. There are some international destinations open to Americans and the conditions to enter each country are changing often.  Some countries may require you to provide proof of a negative COVID test(s), require you to take a COVID test upon arrival, download a contact tracing app, and/or quarantine for up to 14 days.  There’s a helpful map available here that keeps tabs on current restrictions for each country, but as always, check up to and including the day of your flight to ensure you can travel.

CVG Airport has a full list of links to state, national, and public health resources related to travel during this pandemic.  Check it out here.  

#8 I never know what to wear when I’m on a plane… I sometimes get really hot, then cold. Any suggestions?

A lot of people struggle with this. As much as the flight crew tries to keep the plane at a comfortable temperature for everyone, each person’s definition of a “good temperature” is different.  The best solution is to layer. For me, I start with a lightweight v-neck t-shirt, then go with a thin long sleeved shirt over that, and finally a fleece zip up. I generally always wear long pants on a flight. For any cooler destinations, I also bring along my packable coat. Not only can it give me another extra layer or act as a blanket, when stored in its travel bag, it turns into a great neck pillow!

#9 What is CVG doing around the airport to make sure it’s safe for me to fly?

I’ve mentioned in previous Jet with Jay articles that safety is priority number one for my family when we travel – even before “COVID-times.”  There are a number of precautions CVG has taken to ensure your trip is safe and healthy.

  • A team of floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning robots work around the clock to keep you safe.
  • Dozens of hand sanitizer stations have been placed around the terminal
  • Enhanced cleaning of high-touch areas including restroom facilities
  • Masks are required for all employees and travelers
  • Each airline has its own sanitization process. Check out this video of how Delta sanitizes their planes, as well as Frontier in this video.  

Visit the Fly Healthy section for more about the enhanced cleaning measures that have been put into place.

For the full length recording of the Facebook Live Travel Q&A, link here.  

Hope to see you at CVG Airport soon on the way to your next adventure!

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